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The most recent action by the Jets might indicate that a trade for Aaron Rodgers is imminent

Allen Lazard may be added by the New York Jets in an effort to get Aaron Rodgers to visit.

Aaron Rodgers is being courted by the New York Jets in an effort to encourage him to want to be dealt.

The Jets are considering perhaps signing veteran wide receiver Allen Lazard, who has been one of Rodgers’ go-to targets with the Green Bay Packers for the past several years, even if there is a perception that he will surely go Brett Favre on us and accept to play for Gang Green. To woo him, New York also hired Nathaniel Hackett, a former Denver Broncos coach who had disastrous results.

Although desperate, the Jets’ go-for-broke strategy to get Rodgers must be admired.

So when a 30-something Jughead vomits on the floor of your flat after the Jets put you through another Kangaroo Song extravaganza, I will so not be there for you. However, against all odds, you do have a team that is low-key stacked and ready to compete for a rare playoff berth. As we enjoy our cups of joe in the morning, just remember one thing. Coffee is and always will be for closers.

Let’s just hope for the collective sanity of Gang Green that signing Lazard gets Rodgers to the Jets.