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The Royal Family’s go-to butcher in Leamington celebrates its 90th year of business

A butcher shop in Leamington is commemorating 90 years since it first opened.

One million steaks are sold annually by Warwick Street-based Aubrey Allen, whose clients include The Royal Family, Raymond Blanc, the Roux brothers, Heston Blumenthal, Anna Haugh, and more than 400 restaurants around the UK.

With only 1% of butchers in the UK being women, 36% of its employees are female, which is 12 times the national average for a company in the sector.The butchers expanded from a small backstreet shop in Coventry in 1933 to become a successful, third-generation family-run enterprise. Russell Allen, the managing director, and his sister Lucianne Allen, a former attorney who is now the head of sales and marketing, are the company’s leaders.

They are direct descendants of the founder. It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I’m going to try.Over the past 12 months, the business has had a 47 per cent increase in average order value and a 40 per cent increase in turnover since the Covid-19 pandemic to a total of £32 million.

Lucianne said “We have had to adapt and evolve several times throughout our 90 years of business, but we have weathered each storm through sheer gut-determination to always maintain our standards and long-standing customer relationships.