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Fans are trying to figure out which quarterback Davante Adams won’t discuss thanks to his cryptic Instagram posts

Davante Adams has had enough of talking about something, but it’s unclear from his cryptic Instagram statement if it’s Jimmy Garoppolo or Aaron Rodgers.

This offseason, wide receiver Davante Adams of the Las Vegas Raiders is undoubtedly the center of attention. In addition to his longtime quarterback and Packers teammate Aaron Rodgers probably moving on, the team he was moved to in the offseason has made some significant quarterback adjustments.

Notably, the Raiders hired veteran quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in free agency on Monday after cutting ties with Derek Carr, a friend of Adams’ and a former teammate at Fresno State.

Davante Adams posts cryptic Instagram and clearly doesn’t want to talk about…something?

Admittedly, the “Thanks” at the end is peak passive-aggressiveness that I’m all the way here for.

But is Davante Adams tired of getting asked about what Rodgers is going to do? Is he instead tired of people grilling him about how he feels with Garoppolo now being his quarterback in Las Vegas? Is he just getting a lot of spam messages from fake friends? The possibilities are endless.