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Google Authenticator now supports synchronizing Google Accounts

Google Authenticator is a crucial Google tool that probably isn’t used by nearly enough users. utilizing a service like Google Authenticator should be a simple step to make in an era of expanding 2-factor authentication (2FA) acceptance when people are learning that utilizing text messages as the second form of verification isn’t all that secure.

When connecting into a service, utilizing Google Authenticator is often simple as long as the device on which your 2FA codes are stored is close. What happens, though, if the device on which all of your codes are saved is stolen or lost? You should be able to handle this circumstance thanks to a tweak Google has released for Google Authenticator today.

Google is now supported by Google Authenticator. Account syncing between Android and iOS. Your one-time codes can now be backed up to your Google Account. It is a huge issue.

Google recognized that a significant complaint they had heard about Google Authenticator over the years was the “complexity” of handling a lost or stolen device. Now that your Google Account can save your codes, the complexity should diminish. With Authenticator, losing your main device (or having it stolen) is considerably less of a problem.

As of right now, Authenticator v6.0 with account synchronization should be available. According to Google, all you have to do to get started is upgrade your app to the most recent version and then follow some prompts.

I immediately updated onlynow, and getting started is extremely simple. You must select your Google Account to sync with at the first step. From there, you may begin adding codes, alter the mode to dark, transfer accounts, change accounts, and so forth. Oh, and the icon for it has changed from the previous, gray “G” emblem to the more vibrant illustration below.