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Early Display of Google Pixel Tablet at Design Exhibition

There is a very likely likelihood that Google I/O in a few weeks will reveal every detail regarding the Pixel Tablet, thus leaks are sure to pick up before then. And when we discuss leaks, we can even include ones that come from Google in a fairly official capacity, like the one we saw today.

We now have three excellent glances at the Pixel Tablet in Chalk (white or “Porcelain”), Coral (slightly pink), and Hazel (kind of green), thanks to an exhibition at Milan Design Week called “Shaped by Water.” There is supposedly a fourth hue, and Obsidian (also known as Carbon) wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out to be that color. Simply put, Google is currently and in next devices aggressively utilizing that color.

We aren’t necessarily learning anything new about the Pixel Tablet from this video other than as a reveal for the colors. We’ve already seen the tablet from Google on a number of occasions. This does at least confirm the USB-C port on left side, as well as the speaker setup and the buttons we’ll find on the side. It also tells us that the pink and white versions will have a white bezel around their displays, while the hazel model will have a black bezel.

As a bit of a bonus showing, we get to see the Pixel Watch’s metal bands in the clip. We still can’t buy either color, if you can believe that, even though we saw them back in October of last year and learned about their prices. Maybe Google is planning to sell these with the launch of new Pixel devices.

I’m so ready for the Pixel Tablet. I’m ready for it to replace my kitchen Nest Hub Max and become my living area tablet of choice.