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Man’s Shocking Social Media Stunt: Dangling Baby from 15th-Floor Window for Likes!

In a shocking incident driven by the thirst for social media popularity, a man has been sentenced to two years in jail for endangering a baby’s life. The man, whose identity remains undisclosed, committed the heinous act of dangling the infant from a 15th-floor window while demanding “1,000 likes or I will drop him” on his Facebook page.

The distressing photo, which quickly circulated on various social media platforms, depicted the terrified child in a state of fear and bewilderment. Appalled viewers immediately took action, reporting the incident and urging authorities to intervene and arrest the man responsible for this apparent act of child abuse.

Law enforcement swiftly responded to the public outcry and apprehended the individual on Sunday. According to police sources cited by Al Arabiya, the suspect was charged with endangering the safety of the infant.

As news of the incident spread, Algeria’s privately-owned Ennahar TV reported that the accused, who is a relative of the child, vehemently denied placing the baby’s life at risk. He claimed that the image had been manipulated and distorted by social media users with malicious intent.

The court, however, rejected the man’s defense, recognizing the gravity of the situation and the potential harm inflicted upon the innocent child. The judge handed down a two-year prison sentence as a stern rebuke for such a callous act.

Child protection organizations and activists have condemned this incident, emphasizing the need for responsible online behavior and the prevention of such dangerous stunts for the sake of social media validation. They have called for stricter regulations and heightened awareness to ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals, particularly children, who are often exploited for digital engagement.

While this incident serves as a stark reminder of the dark side of social media, it also highlights the importance of reporting harmful content and coming together as a community to protect the most vulnerable members of society. By standing against such reckless actions, we can strive for a safer and more compassionate online environment where the well-being of others is prioritized over fleeting online fame.