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Purchase a Pixel device at a discount and test Android 14 beta ($150 off the line)

It’s possible that you don’t possess a Pixel phone or that the Pixel phone you do own is too old to support the Android 14 beta.

It might be wise to update to a new Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, or Pixel 7 Pro at this time if it describes you.

These gadgets are all currently for sale and support the newest Android 14 beta.

The Pixel 6a is available for $299 ($150 off retail), the Pixel 7 is $449 ($150 off), and the Pixel 7 Pro is now $749 ($150 off) through Amazon, Best Buy, and Google’s dedicated online hardware store.

Without requiring a trade-in or anything else, that’s $150 off the complete lineup. Simply savings.

When you receive your brand-new Pixel, make sure to adhere to our directions on how to get the Android 14 beta up and running on your device.