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The Carolina Panthers are attempting to work things out in what seems to be yet another lost season.

The Carolina Panthers’ (1-5) season has already come to an end. It’s all over.

Carolina is the first club this season to dismiss its head coach, the team is down to its third quarterback, and numerous players are involved in trade rumors. The disappointing 24-10 defeat on Sunday was unsurprising. The Panthers were the ideal solution for the failing Los Angeles Rams (3-3).

The only unknown regarding the Panthers’ Week 6 matchup was how they would lose their fifth game of the season.

Once again, the team’s offensive was inept.

Carolina had just 203 yards total offense, was 2-10 on third down, and went scoreless in the second half. Christian McCaffrey, the Panthers’ running back, accounted for 158 of the team’s 203 total yards on offense. Carolina’s defense scored the lone touchdown for the club.