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This summer, Fitbit will switch to Google Accounts

In the modern day, if you wanted to access Fitbit or create a new account, you would do so through Fitbit by logging in with your Fitbit account. Fitbit was one of the only businesses up to this point to not provide additional sign-up choices, including with a Google account. That is about to alter.

This morning, Google made the announcement that starting this summer, Fitbit users would be able to check in using their Google accounts. The intention is for every Fitbit user to have a Google account; however, you won’t be required to sign up right away.

To begin with, Google will give you the option to switch your Fitbit account to a Google account. You can see a migration screen that discusses switching over below advantages, etc. Simply said, having a Google account gives you access to Fitbit and all of your other Google services with a single login, along with the added privacy and protection that come with having a Google account. Google has also promised not to use information about your health and wellness for Google Ads.

To clear up any confusion, just know that nothing about your Fitbit experience will change if you switch to a Google account for sign-in. Simply use your Google account to log in rather than your previous Fitbit credentials. For those who are truly in the dark, Google owns Fitbit, therefore this move has long been anticipated. If I’m being honest, I’m amazed it’s taken this long mentioned, Fitbit and Google aren’t forcing you to move right away. In fact, you have a couple of years to make the switch.

This summer begins the optional switch period with 2025 currently set as the year when you’ll need to be moved by. If you register as a new user once Google account migration begins, you’ll also be forced to sign-up with a Google account.