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Rare male calico ‘unicorn’ kitten found by Colorado rescue

A shelter for animals said that one of its volunteers is currently taking care of a male calico kitten, a type of cat so uncommon that is frequently referred to as a “unicorn” kitten.

The kitten and his siblings were reportedly born in a Weld County shed and given to the Weld County Humane Society before being taken in by NoCo Kitties in Loveland.

A veterinarian confirmed Alli Magish’s suspicion that one of the three calico kittens might be male, who is currently caring for the three kittens and their mother Amber.

According to vets, only one in every 3,000 calico kittens are born male. Calicos often acquire their hue as a result of receiving various color genes from their parents’ X chromosomes. kitty males typically only possess one X and one Y chromosome, however occasionally XXY chromosomes can result in calico colour.

According to experts, chimerism, which occurs when some of a person’s body’s cells have XX chromosomes and others have XY chromosomes, can also cause male calicos.