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What are the top five predictions from The Simpsons for World Simpsons Day?

Today, April 19, is the International Day of the popular television show “The Simpsons,” and millions of fans of Homer, Marge, and the family are paying their respects online. 36 years after its debut on television, the series is still gaining viewers and adding chapters to its historical saga, one of which has always been its ability to foresee the future.

Of course, there are also the series’ iconic melodies, legendary cameos, and one-of-a-kind gags, but today we’ll focus on its history of prophecies.

What are the most notable predictions it made? Happy World Simpsons Day! We have listed the top five, and they have all come true. We should also hope that his prophecies about the demise of humanity are untrue.

Five predictions from “The Simpsons”

The 9/11 attacks: In the season 9 episode “New York VS Homer,” Bart displays a flier on which a 9 and the twin towers’ silhouettes, which together make an 11 and the date 9/11, are shown next to each other.

President Donald Trump: In the Bart to the Future episode Neymar’s injury in Brazil 2014: in the episode ‘You don’t have to live like a referee’ of season 25, Homer is a World Cup referee and experiences the injury of Brazil’s star in the middle of the game.

Russia’s war against the West: in the episode ‘La mareo Simpson’ of season 9 (once again), Lenin is resurrected, Homer unleashes a global conflict and Russia becomes the USSR again, declaring war on the United States.