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This Is the Most Iconic Nail Polish Ever, Used on the Runway on the Big Screen

Many of us now prefer to spend our free time painting our nails. Who hasn’t experimented with nail art while in lockdown? A person is only as good as their tools, so if you’re not coating your nails in the best polishes, chances are your work isn’t lasting as long as you’d like it to (or, in fact, as long as you’d expect it to when you have it done at a salon).

To find out which nail polishes our favorite nail artists use on their talons, we decided to do some research (otherwise known as skimming through Instagram). And it just so happens that the brand they choose has bottles that will look really stylish arranged in a row on your desk.

also a dressing table.You might mistakenly believe that the draw of Chanel nail polishes is their designer brand if you haven’t tried one for yourself, but that isn’t the case. Chanel manicure paints are popular among many session and celebrity nail artists due to its ultra-glossy finish, short drying times, and long-lasting durability. But which Chanel nail paints are the greatest to purchase and which are the most well-known? We contacted Chanel and well-known figures in the manicure industry who regularly use them to learn more.

We quickly discovered that Rouge Noir is unquestionably the brand’s most well-known and iconic nail color, direct from Chanel HQ. At their A/W 94 fashion show, Chanel debuted Rouge Noir, a very dark reddish-black.