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Your 2023 Sexual Predictions: You’ll Be Coming First

Anyone else think that love in 2022 is a little bit of a train wreck? Between Ned Fulmer from the Try Guys breaking the internet and TikTok losing its mind over the cheating allegations about SK from “Love Is Blind,” it might have felt somewhat hopeless — even when weighing these heartbreaks against the happy news of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez finally tying the knot. We obviously needed Taylor Swift’s much awaited album, “Midnights,” to get us through the rest of the year. We may at least bank on the impending astrological transits for fantastic prospects for passion and sex in 2023 despite the fact that 2022 was tumultuous.

Large-scale change will be ushered in by the astrology of 2023 because of a few significant celestial movements:taskmaster Saturn enters watery Pisces on 7 March, giving us an abundance of hope in our approach to sex (though sometimes at the expense of our boundaries); transformational Pluto briefly enters idealistic Aquarius from 23 March to 11 June, encouraging us to embrace authenticity in the bedroom; and benefic Jupiter enters earthy Taurus on 16 May, bringing a “slow burn” energy to our sex lives.

As checkpoints for our sexual endeavors, the retrograde periods of Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto in 2023 will give us the chance to pause, reevaluate, and, if required, refocus our impulses. Four eclipses will also occur in the spring and fall, throwing us destined curveballs that will allow us to experience new cycles of love, self-love, sex, and self-pleasure while also inspiring us to let go of things that are no longer beneficial to us.

In addition, on July 17th, the North Node will move into Aries and the South Node will move into Libra, where they will stay for the remainder of the year. These alterations make us more likely to act vindictively in the bedroom. If you feel that’s a bad request, think again:When the South Node is in balanced Libra, it may highlight the ways in which we have overcompensated in our relationships in order to maintain harmony. The South Node represents our stuck places and our karmic past. The North Node of fate and destiny, which is now in independent Aries, serves as a reminder that our needs are equally as important as those of our partners. We must learn to let go of the need to please our partners and learn to put ourselves first if we are to access our inner fire and true joy. Feel assured that doing so will benefit us by enabling us to access a completely new level of fulfillment and enthusiasm.